Commission questions and info


Here are the key pieces of information that will help me with the process of making your artwork. I am always happy to discuss these via email to help you with your answers but please read through these questions and have a think about what the answers might be?

  • What do you want me to make?
  • Who is the artwork for? Please tell me a little bit about this person and why you wanted to make this for them? Why is this subject significant to them?
  • Do you have any high-resolution reference images? The higher the quality the faster it will be to make the artwork.
  • Do you want the artwork to be on canvas, paper or another substrate?
  • What medium do you want the work to be in? For example, Acrylic, water colour or mixed media.
  • What size do you want the work to be? For example, A3 or A1 or another specification.
  • Do you need it to be an exact size or roughly that size?
  • What style do you want the work to be in? Do I have licence to do what I think is best or do you have a preference? For example would you prefer the work to be more abstract, representational or expressive.
  • When do you want the work finished by?
  • Do you want the artwork to be documented so it can later be made into prints?
  • Do you have an idea of how much you want to spend? I typically charge £16 an hour but I am happy to discuss concessions based on circumstance.
  • If you choose to have the work varnished, do you want the varnish to be matt, satin or gloss?

Required information

  • I will need your email address to send you the invoice after the artwork is completed.
  • I will need the post address you wish the artwork to be sent to.


I work predominately on paper, distortions on the papers surface, creases, scratches and daubing should be considered part of the work. All artwork on paper is sprayed with a fixative but should still be handled with care and all canvases will be varnished. When framing consider that if you choose to reframe the work, if it has been pushed up against the glass it may attach to the glass and should be removed carefully the alternative is to float mount the artwork. Artwork should not be in direct sunlight.

Where possible I try to use recycled materials or materials that can be reused for packaging but ultimately the safety of the artwork is my priority. If you have a preferred courier, please let me know. When sending original work, work is always tracked, signed for and insured as part of postage fees typically via royal mail this is to ensure that if the artwork is lost or damaged the customer is able to recover any losses. This has however never happened. A reference number will be provided to track the artwork, Issues with any global customs department or Brexit are out of my control but I will help and advocate for you as much as possible. If you need an artwork for a particular deadline, please take this into account when making an order.

If you would like to insure an artwork separately feel free to ask for details such as weight and dimension.